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Moving the Rock:

Seven Levers WE Can Press to Transform Education

Education has been stuck for decades due to contrarian forces that have pushed back and forth with little net result. It turns out that WE can transform schools without permission or empowerment from the forces that have created this inertia in the first place. There are at least seven powerful, audacious levers we can press on, and all seven are successfully transforming the learning experience in schools and districts today:

  • Creating Demand for Future-Leaning Schools
  • School-Community Learning Laboratories
  • Free, Universal Access to Knowledge
  • Measuring Success and Re-tooling College Admissions
  • Teacher Training for Deeper Learning
  • Building Learning Around Connectivity
  • Building Leadership Capacity in Our Schools

At the end of each chapter there are specific steps that all of us—teachers, parents, students, administrators, philanthropists, university and business leaders—can take to collectively turn the pioneering work of others into school transformation at scale.

“The future comes at us fast — which means school reformers don’t have time to wait. They need real tools in real time. That’s why Moving the Rock is so important. Grant Lichtman has guidance for anyone — teachers, parents, administrators, government officials — intent on helping young people succeed not ‘someday,’ but today.”

— Daniel H. Pink, best-selling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind



Every educator wishes they had more time—to see what others are doing, share with colleagues, learn what is working and what is not. Grant Lichtman took that time: he drove his Prius around America, visiting 65 schools in 89 days to find out: What does innovation actually mean in education? How are schools successfully transforming out of the Industrial Age model of learning? What is working for others?

  • New ideas about time, space, people, and school structures
  • Schools becoming more dynamic, adaptable, creative, and permeable to the world
  • Rising to the existential challenges facing education
  • Leaving the assembly line in the past
  • Ecosystems: the way ahead
  • New pathways of strategy

“… a must-read book for anyone interested in helping shift the education world out of the Industrial Age mindset.” David Kelley, Co-Founder of the Stanford d.School; Co-author of Creative Confidence; Founder of design firm IDEO

“On par with Horace’s Compromise, Theodore Sizer’s seminal 1984 descriptor of the failures of America’s high school…a must read.” Pam Moran, Superintendent of County Schools, Albermarle, VA

The Falconer

Seven Levers WE Can Press to Transform Education

Buy this book from:

Based on a ground-breaking seminar for high school students, one of the first books to highlight the power of “What if”… to deliver the keys of design-based problem solving and strategic thinking to both children and adults…to bring the timeless wisdom of The Art of War into the grasp of both teachers and students of all ages…weaving a fable for children with concrete steps to overcoming life’s inevitable big challenges.

  • Who do I want to be?
  • Finding problems before seeking answers
  • Questions are the waypoints of the path of wisdom
  • A system for understanding and solving problems
  • What do we do when problems don’t want to be solved?
  • What does falconry have to do with learning?
  • Searching for “elegance”

“I keep The Falconer by my bedside; I’ve read it more times than I can count. An invaluable tool for any educator who wants to truly transform learning in our schools.”

Bo Adams, Director of Mt. Vernon Institute for Innovation